Council Supports Bid to Secure CFL Franchise

Council Supports Halifax Bid to Secure CFL Franchise
Posted on 12/12/2018
Charlottetown City Council is drafting a letter to support efforts to secure a Canadian Football League franchise and stadium in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Maritime Football Limited Partnership, along with the CFL Commissioner, launched a season ticket drive and name the team contest earlier this year as part of the ongoing process to gauge interest for a CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada. The team has since been dubbed the Atlantic Schooners.

“If the Atlantic Schooners are successful in securing a CFL franchise, Atlantic Canada will finally have an opportunity to be part of this national tradition,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “The Grey Cup playoffs will grow to include an even number of teams, and CFL fans from across the country will have an opportunity to experience the famous East Coast hospitality.”

Charlottetown City Council passed a resolution to send a letter of support and invite the Atlantic Schooners and the CFL Commissioner to Charlottetown to talk about the season ticket drive and the growing effort to bring the CFL to Atlantic Canada. The resolution was brought forward by Councillor Mitchell Tweel, who said his passion for the sport is what drove him to put the motion before his colleagues.

“To have a CFL team fielded here in Atlantic Canada would be tremendous for amateur football at all levels from the minor leagues to junior and even the university level,” Councillor Tweel said. “It would be a real inspiration for all football players in the region. Supporting the CFL franchise team in Halifax isn’t just good for Halifax; it’s good for all of Atlantic Canada.”

Councillor Tweel said the passing of the resolution allows Mayor and Council to discuss future opportunities with the commissioner.

The Maritime Football Limited Partnership has said it hopes to have the players on the field in Halifax as early as 2020. For more information, visit:


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