Standing Committees of Council Finalized

Standing Committees of Council Finalized
Posted on 12/31/2018
The City of Charlottetown standing committees have been finalized following a meeting of Council on December 31, 2018.

There are 10 standing committees with Council serving in the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair and Members at Large. The committees oversee City departments and report back to the whole Council with recommendations and resolutions for consideration.

The committees are:

• Economic Development, Tourism and Events Management: Chair: Councillor Kevin Ramsay; Vice-Chair: Councillor Terry MacLeod; Member(s): Councillor Bob Doiron
• Environment and Sustainability: Chair: Councillor Terry MacLeod; Vice-Chair: Deputy Mayor Jason Coady; Member(s): Councillor Kevin Ramsay
• Finance, Audit and Tendering – Chair: Councillor Terry Bernard; Vice-Chair: Councillor Greg Rivard; Member(s): councillors Bob Doiron and Mike Duffy
• Human Resources, Communications and Administration – Chair: Councillor Julie McCabe; Vice-Chair: Councillor Bob Doiron; Member(s): Councillor Kevin Ramsay
• Parks, Recreation and Leisure Activities – Chair: Councillor Mitchell Tweel; Vice-Chair: Councillor Terry Bernard; Member(s): Councillor Julie McCabe
• Planning and Heritage – Chair: Councillor Greg Rivard; Vice-Chair: Deputy Mayor Jason Coady; Member(s): Councillor Alanna Jankov
• Protective and Emergency Services – Chair: Councillor Bob Doiron; Vice-Chair: Councillor Kevin Ramsay; Member(s): Councillor Mike Duffy
• Public Works and Urban Beautification – Chair: Councillor Mike Duffy; Vice-Chair: Councillor Alanna Jankov; Member(s): Councillor Mitchell Tweel
• Strategic Priorities and Intergovernmental Cooperation – Chair: Councillor Alanna Jankov; Vice-Chair: Councillor Mike Duffy; Member(s): councillors Terry Bernard, Terry MacLeod and Greg Rivard
• Water and Sewer Utility – Chair: Deputy Mayor Jason Coady; Vice-Chair: Councillor Julie McCabe; Member(s): Councillor Mitchell Tweel

The committee structure, along with the draft terms of reference for each committee, is available under the Mayor and Council button.