Tri-Municipal Meetings to be Held

Tri-Municipal Meetings to be Held to Discuss Shared Services and Opportunities
Posted on 01/18/2019
The City of Charlottetown, Town of Stratford and Town of Cornwall, have committed to meeting quarterly to discuss potential opportunities for inter-municipal cooperation and shared services, while still maintaining their municipal independence.

The Mayors and Chief Administrative Officers of the three municipalities convened at Charlottetown City Hall on Friday, January 18 for their first meeting.

“Ultimately, we all have the same goal to ensure our citizens have the basic necessities and good quality of life,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “It just makes sense that we examine our priorities together, look at potential for shared services and work together on projects that are mutually beneficial to our respective communities.”

Some of the topics of discussion at the first meeting included: regional water/wastewater services and the potential creation of a Capital Area Development Agency to replace CADC, as well as other areas of inter-municipal cooperation.

“While we value our autonomy as an independent town, we are pleased to work with Charlottetown and Cornwall to explore ways in which we can share resources to reduce costs or improve services to our residents,” said Town of Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden.

“Cornwall looks forward to working with our neighbouring municipalities where we have common interests and can share resources and reduce costs to better serve our residents,” said Town of Cornwall Mayor Minerva McCourt.