City Launches Pilot Project to Improve Traffic

City Launches Pilot Project to Improve Traffic Flows
Posted on 02/11/2019
The City of Charlottetown is participating in a pilot project to improve the traffic flow at four intersections in the Capital. The three-month pilot project, in partnership with Miovision, will include intersections along the North River Road corridor, including where North River Road intersects with Belvedere Avenue, Beach Grove Road, Buchanan Drive and Capital Drive.

“These Smart intersections use traffic cameras and software to conduct traffic counts, analyze data and adjust traffic signals to improve traffic flow,” said Councillor Mike Duffy, Chair of the Public Works and Urban Beautification Committee. “We see traffic congestion along the North River Road corridor on a daily basis, so this is an ideal place to try this technology and we do expect we will see significant improvements in traffic management along the north end of North River Road as a result pf this pilot.”

Miovision’s innovations in traffic planning and operations have made it possible for cities to improve the transportation experience for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians since 2005. With offices in Kitchener, Canada and Cologne, Germany, Miovision serves more than 17,000 municipalities worldwide.

“This pilot project has no cost to the City for this three-month period,” said Councillor Terry MacLeod, Chair of the City’s Environment and Sustainability Committee. “The idea is it will potentially lower infrastructure maintenance costs, reduce traffic congestion, and improve traffic flows, which ultimately reduces emissions and idling.”

The Public Works Department and Sustainability Office submitted reports to Council at its public meeting on Monday, February 11, with the recommendation that the project be expanded to 33 intersections in Charlottetown, should the pilot project be as successful as expected. It is estimated that the City-wide project would cost approximately $900,000 ($25,000 per intersection), but would be contingent on securing funding support and providing a full cost-benefit analysis so that City officials could analyze the return on investment. The recommendation is that the project could be implemented over three years to spread out any potential investment.

By installing a system like that of Miovision at all traffic signals in Charlottetown, the City would reduce costs associated with traffic counts and outsourcing manual traffic signal program adjustments. Traffic data would be available in real-time, allowing staff to respond quickly to traffic signal related issues.

The pilot project was approved by both the Environment and Sustainability Committee and the Public Works and Urban Beautification Committee.