Phone Lines Open at City Hall

Phone Lines Open at City Hall for Residents with Questions/Concerns
Posted on 09/07/2019
The City of Charlottetown has opened its phone lines for any residents with concerns or questions. Anyone in an emergency situation should phone 911. To report a water leak or watermain break, fire hydrant issues, sewer backup or a missing manhole covers, contact the Water and Sewer Utility at: 902-626-2100. To report a catch basin problem, downed tree, or issue with City infrastructure, contact 902-629-6916. All other inquires can be directed to 902-566-5548. These lines will be answered overnight.

The City’s Emergency Measures team are working closely with the Provincial EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) team to monitor the weather and potential impacts. Additional staff are on standby, emergency personnel are prepped and plans are in place for reception centres or emergency shelters throughout the city, if needed. The three main reception centres are West Royalty Community Centre (1 Kirkdale Road), Hillsborough Park Community Centre (199 Patterson Drive) and the Confederation Centre of the Arts (145 Richard Street). The public is asked to stay safe and shelter in place during the storm. The City’s EMO team will assess damage, infrastructure, outages and where the needs in the capital are before opening any of the centres. Reception centres will not be open until a damage assessment is completed. A further announcement regarding the status of the reception centres will be made by 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 8. Residents are encouraged to check-in with neighbours and loved ones when it is safe to do so. In an emergency situation, residents are reminded to call 911.

Overflow shelter support is currently available at Jack Blanchard Hall (7 Pond Street). It will remain open until at least noon on Sunday, September 8. Further decisions will be made based on weather and any updates or announcements on the shelter will by made by the Province’s Department of Social Development and Housing. Food will be provided through the Upper Room Soup Kitchen and sleeping bags and pillows will also be available. Bedford-MacDonald House will remain open 24/7 and Blooming House will open early at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Any announcements regarding the City of Charlottetown’s operations, including potential reception centres or emergency shelters, should they be required, will be made through local media, on the City’s website at, and through social media (Twitter: @ChtownPE and Facebook: @CityofCharlottetown). City partners will also assist in disseminating information.

The Water and Sewer Utility, as well as essential City services, have back-up power. The Utility’s goal is to provide continuity of services. While a disruption is not anticipated for those on the municipal system in Charlottetown, the public is still encouraged to keep water and other supplies on hand. A 72-hour emergency kit should include items such as non-perishable food, a crank or battery powered flashlight and radio (and extra batteries), and a first aid kit, etc. For a detailed list, visit:

Citizens are responsible for ensuring they are able to receive updates from emergency personnel, Utility crews and the municipality in an emergency. To ensure you are still able to receive updates during this time, have a device that can receive updates without an electricity source, such as a battery powered or crank radio. Citizens are also encouraged to sign-up for emergency alerts through the free Charlottetown Alert System. The public can choose to receive emergency alerts via SMS (text message), email or by phone. Sign up by visiting: and clicking on ‘Alert System’ under the Resident Services section. (Direct link:

Other updates from the City’s EMO team will be made as information is available.