One Island Employment Insurance Zone

Capital Region Municipalities Call For One Island Employment Insurance Zone
Posted on 09/13/2019
Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown, Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden, and Cornwall Mayor Minerva McCourt, joined together as one unifying voice to express their and their respective councils’ desire to return to one employment insurance (EI) zone for PEI.

In 2014 the federal government of the day changed the economic regions that resulted in a dual zone system for Prince Edward Island. The three Capital Region municipalities believe PEI is too small to operate with two zones and that returning to one EI zone would be best for all constituents.

“As leaders we need to do everything in our power to unite Islanders,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown, “This poorly thought out policy has been pitting Islanders against each other. We are one Island, one community, and we should be one zone”.

“Stratford Council voted to support our constituents,” added Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden. “Our council considered this issue from the perspective of the residents who have voted to have us represent them and in doing so, look at what is best for them”.

“In the spirit of fairness and equity for our residents, the Town of Cornwall would like to see PEI returned to a single economic region for the purpose of EI zones” said Cornwall Mayor Minerva McCourt.

Charlottetown, Stratford, and Cornwall fall within three of the four federal ridings here on Prince Edward Island. All three councils passed resolutions in the past several months. The three Mayor’s and their Councils call on all candidates seeking election on October 21 to make it a priority to return Prince Edward Island to one zone.