Boardwalk Reopens to Public

Boardwalk Reopens to Public After Sections Replaced
Posted on 12/20/2019
The replacement of the City of Charlottetown Boardwalk, located between the Celtic Monument and Paoli’s Wharf, as well as between the old Prince Edward Home and the Lieutenant Governors house, is now complete.

These sections of the boardwalk are now open to the public after undergoing months of construction, which began in early October. The scope of the work included: removal of the old boardwalk, upgrading the stringers, upgrading the decking to a marine-grade lumber, upgrading the material below some of the benches, and increasing the number of benches.

“The boardwalk is a vital connector in the downtown core and sees dedicated year-round users,” said Councillor Mitchell Tweel, chair of Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Activities. “These upgrades will to ensure the boardwalk is around for many years to come for the public’s enjoyment.”

The boardwalk upgrades cost approximately $200,000 and were included in the 2019/20 operational budget.