Charlottetown Resident Receives Award

Charlottetown Resident Receives Environmental Award
Posted on 02/10/2020
Charlottetown resident and environmental activist, Dr. John W. Andrew of East Royalty, received an environmental award from The Ellen’s Creek Watershed Group at the February Council Meeting at City Hall on Monday, February 10.

The “Brookie Award” was created by the Ellen’s Creek Watershed Group as an award of excellence to an individual, organization or business demonstrating commitment and leadership in promoting urban watershed health. The award is named after the “brookie” (an informal name for brook trout) in recognition of the correlation between watershed health and the health of its brook trout population. Periodically the Brookie is awarded to an individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the health of city watersheds.

Dr. John W. Andrew co-chairs the Wright’s Creek Watershed Environmental Committee that is responsible for the health of the Wright’s Creek and Andrew’s Pond. John was instrumental in returning the Creek and the Pond to environmental health from their moribund state years back. The Andrew family have been stewards of the land and water in East Royalty for generations. John brings to his community a strong commitment to the health of individuals, the health of his community, and the health of the environment.

The award winner must meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Increasing the awareness of the importance of watershed stewardship in the City of Charlottetown either by actions or through planned publicity;
• Making significant contributions to watershed health within the Ellen’s Creek Watershed or occasionally, in exceptional circumstances, within other Island watersheds or all Island watersheds;
• Making a direct or in-kind financial contribution to the work of the Ellen’s Creek Watershed Group.

The Brookie Award itself is a 21” x 9” image that captures the beauty of brook trout. The image is licensed from Sean Landsman, a local award-winning nature photographer and Charlottetown resident, and printed directly on aluminum as a ready-to-hang image.