Sustainable Events Guidelines and Resources

Sustainable Events Guidelines and Resources Now Available
Posted on 02/10/2020
Event organizers and food vendors have new resources available for planning sustainable events in Charlottetown and reducing impacts on the environment, thanks to a resolution of Charlottetown City Council.

Council voted at its regular public meeting this month (February 10) to adopt revised Event Guidelines, as well as supporting documents: Food Vendor Guidelines and a Sustainable Events Manual. The information compiled in the documents is intended to assist in the planning and execution of events, as well as encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly practices as it pertains to waste management, water, and transportation.

“Events are an integral part of our economic prosperity with cultural and tourism benefits, and they contribute to the overall quality of life in our city,” said Councillor Terry MacLeod, Chair of the City’s Environment and Sustainability committee. “Events can also have a variety of negative environmental impacts, such as the creation of a large amount of waste, so our goal is to assist as much as we can in successful event hosting and execution while also supporting efforts to access sustainable resources and reduce overall harm to the environment.”

The City’s Event Guidelines were revised by the Sustainability department to ensure event organizers apply a sustainability lens when planning and executing events in Charlottetown. The Guidelines, as well as the Food Vendor Guidelines and Sustainable Events Manual, are available on the City’s website at under the Events and Initiatives button, as well as the Environment and Sustainability button. (Direct link: )

The revised event guidelines draw special attention to an existing stipulation within the City’s Street Vendor bylaw, which extends to mobile food carts and vendors at events. It requires mobile food vendors, including food trucks, in the municipality to use non-styrofoam plates, cups, and take-out containers. As part of the roll-out of the new resources, City Police and the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will be working with Sustainability staff to discuss enforcement of this element of the Street Vendor Bylaw.

To further promote and support the integration of environmental sustainability into all events held within the Capital City, portable bicycle racks, waste sorting stations, and a mobile water bottle refill station will be available for event organizers to utilize through a rental form and agreement as early as the Spring.

“As a City corporation, we have an opportunity to lead by example when it comes to waste reduction and showing the public that we are serious about sustainability,” said Councillor Kevin Ramsay, Chair of the City’s Economic Development, Tourism and Events Management committee. “We can do that through how we manage our signature events and support other events in Charlottetown. That’s why we are happy to work closely with the Environment and Sustainability committee and our City departments to roll out this initiative. We can help ensure our events are conducted in accordance with these guidelines, and we will also include Sustainability in event logistics meetings from here on out.”

To access the revised Event Guidelines, Food Vendor Guidelines and Sustainable Events Manual, visit