City, Province Partner on Multi-Use Pathway

City, Province Partner to Extend Multi-Use Pathway
Posted on 02/11/2020
The first phase of a multi-use active transportation path has been approved, thanks to the support of Charlottetown City Council and the Government of Prince Edward Island’s active transportation fund.

The existing Bypass Highway Multi-Use Path currently runs along Riverside Drive from Park Street to Murchison Lane. In Phase I of the project, the extension will follow along the bypass highway from Murchison Lane to St. Peters Road. Future phases would continue the multi-use path along the bypass highway to Mount Edward Road, where the path would connect to the Confederation Trail. Upon completion, the project would provide an uninterrupted and off-street active transportation loop that would cover a large portion of Charlottetown.

“This is a tremendous project for the City of Charlottetown and, once it’s completed, it will represent a significant step in improving active transportation infrastructure in the Capital City,” said Councillor Terry Bernard, Chair of the City’s Finance, Audit and Tendering committee. “The first phase of the project will include the design phase, which involves design, land surveying, easements, etc. It will also include the construction of approximately 2.4 kilometres of pathway from Murchison Lane to St. Peters Road.”

The path will be designed to support two directions of travel and will be intended for all self-propelled active transportation users including, but not limited to, cyclists, walkers, and people with wheelchairs.

The total cost of Phase I is estimated to be $700,000, which will be cost-shared between the City and the Government of Prince Edward Island, with the province also providing access to relevant land surveys, access to the right-of-ways and easement agreements needed for project execution. The City’s portion of the project is included in its recently announced Capital Budget, passed by resolution of Council on February 6.

"Having more active transportation infrastructure developed across the city will make it easier for residents to embrace a more active lifestyle, improving the overall physical, emotional and environmental health of our community," said Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park MLA Natalie Jameson.

Through its recently announced active transportation funding, it is anticipated that the City and the Province will continue to collaborate on future phases of the project over the next few years until the path reaches Mount Edward Road.

“This is an interdepartmental project that the City has been working toward over the last few years, so seeing it come to fruition is really satisfying for Council but also for the staff who have been working on this file,” said Councillor Terry MacLeod, Chair of the City’s Environment and Sustainability committee. “We’re trying to create a culture of active transportation and having a strong network of multi-use paths is only going to help us achieve this goal.”