Public Reminded of Smoke Free Places Bylaw

Public Reminded of Smoke Free Places Bylaw
Posted on 04/29/2020
The City of Charlottetown wishes to remind the public that smoking and the use of tobacco in any form is not permitted at City-owned and operated sport and recreation facilities and properties, including City parks.

The Charlottetown Smoke Free Places Bylaw was adopted by Council in 2018, and expanded on the previous tobacco free policy. This bylaw imposes a more stringent approach to restricting smoking at indoor and outdoor sport and recreation facilities and properties. The bylaw applies to community centres, sport fields, sport courts, parks, playgrounds, green spaces, arenas, swimming pools, boardwalks, trails, viewing areas, park benches and parking lots owned by the City of Charlottetown.

As a visual reminder, there are “Tobacco Free Property” signs placed throughout the City parks and at recreation facilities and properties.

Residents are also reminded of their responsibility to keep the public spaces clean and ensure garbage is placed in the appropriate receptacles. The Parks and Recreation Department are in the process of placing the additional seasonal garbage cans in parks over the next week to help ensure there are sufficient waste receptacles to meet the needs of users.

For more information on this and other City bylaws, visit the Bylaws page under Resident Services.