Flush Water Pipes When Reopening Buildings

Reminder to Flush Water Pipes When Reopening Buildings
Posted on 05/11/2020
The Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility, together with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), encourage building managers and operators to flush their water pipes prior to reopening buildings for public use.

Office buildings, childcare facilities, hotels, and other buildings that were shut down for several weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic have had little or no water running through building water pipes and fixtures. When water sits in pipes for an extended period, harmful pathogens may grow. Stagnant water conditions can also result in discolored water, lower chlorine levels and higher concentrations of lead and copper. Fresh water should be drawn into building water systems and stagnant water flushed out before they are reopened.

The CWWA provides tips and a fact sheet on how property owners and building managers can prevent these issues. For more information, visit: https://cwwa.ca/ (Direct URL to factsheet https://cwwa.ca/covid-19-and-the-re-opening-of-buildings/#download )

Additional information is available on the Province of PEI’s website at: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/environment-water-and-climate-change/drinking-water-and-wastewater-covid-19-frequently