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Make Our Hometown Beautiful

Submissions are now being accepted for the City of Charlottetown's Make Our Hometown Beautiful program, formerly known as Make Charlottetown Bloom. The gardening program is designed to recognize those who maintain buildings and landscapes within City limits. Businesses and residents can self-nominate or nominate someone else. The deadline for submissions has been extended to Monday, July 23, 2018. Volunteer judges will be judging all entries/properties from July 27 until August 6, 2018. The awards will be presented at the Make Our Hometown Beautiful Awards in September.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer judge can contact the City at 902-566-5548.

To Apply:

1) Complete Online Submission Form 
2) Download a PDF Submission Form
3) Pick up a printed copy at City Hall (199 Queen Street) Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information on Make Our Hometown Beautiful, contact the Mayor's Office at: 902-566-5548 or email Jill Stewart at

Make Our Hometown Beautiful

Make Our Hometown Beautiful Categories

Each category will be judged on its unique features, variety and color of flowers, design and overall aesthetics. Evidence of environmentally friendly, sustainable practices will be noted as well.

Commercial Properties - this category is open to any commercial business. Are you a business that takes pride in the look of your property? Enter Make our Hometown Beautiful!

Curb Appeal - Does your property make a statement from the "curb"? This category considers everything that can be seen in your front yard, such as hardscaping, the look and design of your home and the landscaping design (plantings of trees/shrubs, perennials and annuals).

Edible Gardens - More and more people are growing some of their own food. There are many ways that this can be done from in-ground gardens to containers. We will look at the edibles you are growing as well as how beautiful they can be.

Gardening in Small Spaces - Do you have window boxes, planters, hanging baskets, or small "pocket gardens"? This special category is for those properties that love to grow plants in small spaces. The late Irene Rogers saw the potential of those small spaces, which she referred to as "pocket gardens", and knew that planting these tiny plots could have an impact on beautifying the City.

Community Engagement - This category can include churches, schools, daycares, nursing homes, local groups, individuals and more. We want to hear about your garden related project that has had an impact on your community. Enter your project, tell us your story!

Children and Youth Gardens (ages 18 or younger) - Does your child have an interest in gardening? If they have a garden plot, a container garden, a fairy garden, we'd like to see it. We are looking for gardens of any size or type!

Birds & the Bees - this category includes garden features that specifically enhance the quality of habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects. Most plants need help from pollinators such as hummingbirds, bats, bees, butterflies/moths (and their caterpillars), flies and beetles. Many insects, birds and other wildlife are also beneficial in helping to control insect pests. This category includes gardens features that would attract pollinators, urban wildlife and beneficials, such as water features and food sources (flowers, bird feeders, nectar feeders, etc.). This category will look at flowering plants within the garden - perennials and annuals, native plants, plants with varying color and shapes and successional planting to ensure flowers provide a continuous source of food and nectar. It will also look at nesting sites which could include sites for birds, bats, amphibians or insects (traditional bird or bat houses to insect hotels, toad homes and natural beneficial features). This category will also consider the use of integrated pest management methods without the use of pesticides and take into consideration invasive plant species.

Water Wise Garden - A water wise garden includes properties that conserve water, collect water or retain water. This category includes gardens that follow xeriscaping principles such as the use of plants that require little to no watering or the inclusion of hardscaping that beautifies a property without the use of plants. Rain gardens are also included in this category, which are water retention areas with appropriate plant selection and soil preparation that are intended to deal with naturally wet areas of the property. Finally, the category also includes properties where an effort has been made to collect rainwater through the use of rain barrels or other means for use on the property.

Mayor's Award - This award will be presented to the owner of one city residential property in recognition of the overall impact of their home and grounds.

Make Our Hometown Beautiful

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Make Our Hometown Beautiful Entry Form:

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