Cycling in Charlottetown

The City of Charlottetown is striving to reduce fossil fuel dependency and to promote active, healthy lifestyles for residents. Cycling is a great way to do both of these things and that is why we want to create a culture of active transportation in our City. 

In recent years we have added more bike racks around the City, promoted cycling safety with bike rodeos, developed a cycling map for Charlottetown, and regularly celebrate cycling through annual events and contests.

Check out our brand new Bike Map for Charlottetown! This Bike Map showcases some great cycling route options to experience the best biking the City has to offer, Bike Friendly Businesses where cyclists can get special offers and discounts when they visit on their bike, and more. 

bike map cover

Cycling isn’t only practical and good for the environment and good for your health …it’s fun, too.  Do you bike in Charlottetown? Tell us about your experience and share photos of your cycling journey on social media with the hashtag #IBikeCharlotteown!!

Bike safety