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It Starts with a Seedling

Author: Jennifer Whittaker - June 2019 

garden buddies

Imagine for a moment, kindergarten students in your local school take part in a unique hands on learning experience about the joy of gardening, the celebration of food and the beauty of nature in your backyard. A program where kindergarten students are partnered with community volunteers; musicians, gardeners, teachers, librarians, and scientists who transform into “garden buddies”. At Prince St. School, that program is called Start with a Seedling.

Through the school year, we use the seasons as our guide. In the fall, we harvest root vegetables from the local community garden, we plant garlic in hopes of reaping the rewards in spring. We take the time to share the bounty of the fall crop with a fall cooking session, with kids mashing apples, chopping vegetables to roast and preparing fresh salad with greens they grew themselves. In winter, we wonder where the animals have disappeared to and dig into soil, compost and the importance of bugs. Spring brings a new beauty to the backyard playground, and together with the garden buddies we explore the new life that comes out of the melted snow. Together we meet local farmers, plant our seeds and sing to make sure they will grow big and strong. It’s always a sad time to say goodbye after a year of bonding but we know we’ve parted with a special connection to our buddies.

If you are interested to learn more or taking part in the Start with a Seedling program, please email

We are always looking for new volunteers of all ages and talents.