2019 Mayor’s Citizen Recognition Awards Presented

2019 Mayor’s Citizen Recognition Awards Presented
Posted on 08/02/2019
Mayor Philip Brown and members of City Council presented the 2019 Mayor’s Citizen Recognition Awards to deserving residents of Charlottetown at a special ceremony held on Thursday, August 1 at Beaconsfield Carriage House). Nominations were accepted from the public for the following awards: Youth of the Year, Citizen(s) of the Year, and the Forbes Kennedy Volunteer of the Year, which will be awarded at the Forbes Kennedy Recognition Open House on Sunday, August 4 at 6 p.m. This also marks the first year for the Mayor’s Award of Merit, where three deserving individuals were recognized for their service to the City of Charlottetown. Nominations for these awards came from members of Council.

“Charlottetown is the great place it is today because of the efforts of those receiving recognition this year,” said Mayor Philip Brown. “On behalf of Charlottetown City Council and our citizens, I would like to thank the recipients for their hard work and selfless efforts.”

The 2019 Mayor’s Merit Award recipients are Betty Begg-Brooks, Janet Buchannan, and Denis Boudreau. The Mayor’s Merit Award was created to recognize deserving individuals for their unique contributions to the city that may not fall under the criteria of other established awards. The 2019 Youth of the Year of the Award was given to Tyler Murnaghan. This award aims to recognize and promote youth leadership, involvement, and contributions to the community. The 2019 Citizen(s) of the Year was awarded to two organizations: 100 Women Who Care and Guys Who Give a $hit. This award aims to recognize deserving individuals or groups that make a large impact on our City

The Mayor’s Citizen Recognition Awards are part of the City of Charlottetown’s annual Natal Day Weekend Celebrations. For a full schedule and the latest information on Natal Day activities, click on Events and Initiatives. 


Betty Begg-Brooks: Betty Begg-Brooks serves her community compassionately in many ways; she collects and provides free of charge everything from food, clothing, personal items, furniture, household items, toys, pet food, and other important items to people with low income, or people who are dealing with temporary hardships, including those who are homeless, those reintegrating into the community, and newcomers. Her goal has been to help provide a better quality of life for all.

Janet Buchannan: Janet Buchannan is a retired nurse and a graduate of the PEI Hospital School of Nursing. Janet is a tireless walker. She walks every day, sometimes multiple times each day. It is on her walks that she exercises her civic duty by picking up garbage and litter that others leave behind. This act has not gone unnoticed by the public or by employees and officials with the City of Charlottetown. Janet cheerfully and selflessly makes her daily rounds, offering her contribution to keeping our city beautiful, green, and pristine.

Dennis Boudreau: Dennis Boudreau served as an engineering technician with the Water and Sewer Utility, until he retired in 2003. Since then, he has been busy sharing his musical talents with others. From local seniors’ homes, to community gatherings, and other events, he has entertained many people. For a time, he was also involved with the Harbour Lights Chorus. Dennis has a passion for entertaining people and putting smiles on their face.

Tyler Murnaghan: Tyler Murnaghan grew up on Birchwood Street. From a young age, he started to appreciate the value of public service. Tyler is a shining example of a young citizen who has a pulse on what is going on in the community. Tyler graduated from the Business Program at Holland College and quickly started in his professional career as a communicator. His passion for the community lead him to put his name on a ballot and run for City Council in 2014. He has served the community in multiple volunteer roles on boards, such as Youth Futures Council, Fusion Charlottetown, and Pride PEI.

100 Women Who Care: 100 Women Who Care was brought to Prince Edward Island in 2013 by Aileen Matters when she returned home from Saint John, New Brunswick where she was a member of a chapter there. She quickly got a small group together and began raising funds for deserving organizations. Since 2014, the group has grown to more than 300 women (and two chapters) and they quarterly contribute $100 to a pool of money that is then provided to a nominated organization by an audited draw. To date, 100 Women Who Care has donated over $300,000, making a significant impact on the not-for-profit and community organizations sector.

Guys Who Give A $hit: This cheekily named group has made an enormous impact since being founded by Jason Mosher in 2016. As a business owner in Charlottetown for many years, his network of people was substantial, so he came up with an idea and pitched it to everyone he knew. It was to create a simple, effective way to give back. He dubbed the group “Guys Who Give a $hit” because his friends, and all of the members, truly do care. Len Currie came on board shortly after the first meeting and assisted through his technical background, creating a social media presence as well as a streamlined sign-up and payment system which helped the group grow from approximately 40 members, to 70, then reaching the milestone of 100 members. The “Guys” gave away the first $10,000 prize in June of 2018. To date, they are one meeting away from the milestone of $100,000 in charitable donations.