City Councillor Elected to National Board

City Councillor Elected to National Board
Posted on 06/17/2019
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has appointed a City of Charlottetown Councillor to its Board of Directors to represent the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Mitchell Tweel, Ward 4 Councillor, joins the Board of 67 members and five executive members, and will represent the province alongside Bruce MacDougall, Federation of PEI Municipalities President.

FCM's Board of Directors is comprised of elected municipal officials and affiliate members from all regions and various-sized communities throughout Canada. The Board of Directors sets policy priorities that reflect the concerns of municipal governments and affiliate members.

“The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is the national voice of local government,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “Having the FPEIM President and one of our councilors on the Board means that our issues at the municipal level in PEI will continue to be heard at a national level.”

Councillor Tweel was endorsed by City Council to represent the City on the Board. The original term was for a three-month period, but the Councillor was elected to remain on the Board at a recent FCM meeting.

“It is an honour and privilege to represent not only the Capital City, but all of Prince Edward Island,” said Councillor Tweel. “I have a lot of experience with this organization, as well as the Federation for PEI Municipalities so I feel well positioned to continue in this role with the FCM Board of Directors. In partnership with Mr. MacDougall, I will help ensure that the needs of PEI citizens are reflected in both federal policy and programs.”

Councillor Tweel was appointed as a Charlottetown City Council representative on the National FCM Board on February 28. In 2000, he was elected as the Queens County Cities/Towns representative on the FPEIM Board and held the position until April 2007. He has also served as: chairperson of the FPEIM Resolutions Committee from 2000 – 2004; member of the FPEIM Finance Committee in 2000; chairperson of the FPEIM Finance Committee from 2002 until 2004; member of the FPEIM Human Resources Committee from January 2004 – May 2004; FPEIM Nominating Committee member from 2004 – 2007; and member of the federation’s Policy Committee from 2004 – 2007. Councillor Tweel was also elected to the position of Vice-President Cities/Towns in June 2002 and re-elected annually until April 2007. He was appointed to the FPEIM Board by the City of Charlottetown in January 2015 and remains a member of the Board. He served as a member of the PPEIM Resolutions Committee from January 2015 – January 2019 and currently serves as the Chair of the FPEIM Constitution Committee.