Reminder of Permitted Use on the Cycling Lane

City Reminds Victoria Park Users of Permitted Use on the Cycling Lane
Posted on 07/12/2019
The City of Charlottetown’s Parks and Recreation Department wants to remind residents and visitors of acceptable uses on the Victoria Park Cycling Lane.

The City encourages and works toward supporting active transportation within Charlottetown. The Cycling Lane in Victoria Park is designated for wheeling traffic, including: bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, inline skates and other self-propelled wheeling devices. For safety reasons, walkers and runners (including those pushing a stroller or walking a pet) are not permitted on the cycling lane. The only scenario where the Parks and Recreation Department feels it is appropriate for a walker to be on the cycling lane, would be in the case of a parent or guardian providing concentrated assistance to walk alongside a young cyclist.

The following recreational activities are not permitted on the Cycling Lane for safety reasons: walking, running, walking with a stroller and walking with a pet. The City offers the boardwalk, which is dedicated for walkers (including those pushing strollers) and runners only and also offers a variety of trails and walkways throughout Victoria Park. To help educate the public, park patrol and City staff monitor Victoria Park to help ensure users are following the Victoria Park and Promenade Bylaw, which includes obeying park signage and staying within the posted speed limits whether in a vehicle or wheeling traffic.

The Public Works Department has also recently installed delineators along a section of the cycling lane (from Brighton Road to median) to deter traffic from entering the cycling lane. This will increase safety for those utilizing the cycling lane.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 902-368-1025.