Construction Projects

The following list provides general information about major construction projects that the City's Public Works and Water and Sewer Utility Departments have planned for the 2019 Season. 

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The streets listed below are scheduled to be resurfaced in 2019. 

Street From To
MacKay Dr Palmers Lane Elizabeth Dr
Melody Lane LrMalpeque Dr Malpeque Rd
Chestnut St Queen St University Ave
Queen St Nassau St Kirkwood Dr
Heather Ave Oak Dr Pope Ave
Connolly St Queen St University Ave
Russet Dr Cortland St Scott St
Schurman St Watts Ave Hillstrom Ave
Queen St Kirkwood Dr Douglas St
Belvedere Ave Brackley Pt Rd Mt.Edward Rd
Fitzroy st Prince St Queen St
Skyview Dr Atlantic Rd North River Rd
VicCampbell blv Palmers Lane MacKay Dr
Greenfield Ave Brighton Rd Green St
Hillsborough St Euston St Kent St
Cumberland St Grafton St End
Smallwood Cres Edinburgh Dr Inkerman Dr
Watts Ave McCarville St Fourth St
Silverwood Dr Kenwood Circle Kenwood Circle
Cooper Ave Upper Queen St Atlantic RD
Dawson Ct Upper Queen St Cul De Sac
Coles Dr Brackley Pt Rd Heather Dr
EastRoyaltyRd St.Peters Rd corner
Grafton St Queen St Prince St
Kent St Edward St Esher St
Doc Blanchard new 2004 Queen St
Pleasant St Longworth Ave Euston St
Belfast St Edinburgh Dr Brittany Dr
Church St Grafton St Richmond St
NorthRidge pkw St.Peters Rd Wescombe cres
Champion Ct Longworth Ave Cul De Sac
Lower Malpeque Rd Bell Heights S Old Moore Crt
Wedgewood Gordon Dr Hemlock St
Wilmont Lane Northridge Pkwy Westridge Cres
Gordon Dr St.Peters Rd Kensigton Rd
Beach Grove Rd North River Rd Kirkaldy
Strawberry Ln Garfield St  
Dorchester St Hillsborough St Dead End
Harley St Mount Edward Rd St Peter's Rd