Advisory Boards Terms of Reference

Charlottetown City Council passed a resolution in April 2019 to name the representatives that will serve on the Community and Advisory Boards for the next two-year term. The City of Charlottetown Advisory Boards are as follows: 

• Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
• Civic Board for Persons with Disabilities
• Seniors Engagement Committee
• Youth Engagement Committee

The City of Charlottetown strives to create a diverse and inclusive environment. The recommendations brought forward from the Council Advisory Board provide a diverse membership that represents the communities they serve, capitalizing on the strengths and talents of those communities. Applications were accepted from the public in March and vetted using the Public Appointment Policy.

Meetings of the above mentioned boards are posted on the online meeting calendar along with the corresponding agendas
under the Mayor and Council tab. The public is invited to attend the open sessions of these meetings.